Zario is a weird Fakegee who pretends to be Mario. Unlike Mario, though, Zario is actually pretty smart. When he's working on something he's interested in, that is. Like Mushrooms. Otherwise, he's quite stupid. He smells a bit funny, but that's just because he rolled in some dung earlier.

He is Lario's twice removed grand cousin and he played Toon Meegee in The Fakegee Movie. He was almost destroyed by Griygas, but somehow he survived.

Zario and Mushrooms

Zario has had a long relationship with Mushrooms. He likes all sorts of Mushrooms - Super Mushrooms, Spring Mushrooms, and even Mega Mushrooms! Some believe he likes to use Mushrooms to feel happy. Others think he's just An avid mushroom collector. Both theories are probably true.

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