The YTX 8 (Formally the YTX Manned Juggernaut Mark 8) is a YTX tank employed during the Fakegee War. Unlike

A salvaged YTX 8, with a human stick figure for scale. This damaged model has been preserved as a war museum piece.

most YTX machines, this one was designed to house a pilot (However, it had advanced autopilot that could be turned on if need be).


The YTX 8 was designed without treads, instead employing anti-gravity technology. Two side-by-side aft plasma rocket engines moved the craft forward. The high-yield rocket cannon stored up to twenty rockets in its specially designed HLC (Heavy Launch Clip). The actual cannon used massively compressed air to fire the rocket, saving money and energy.


The YTX 8 is currently on inactive service in reserve military. However, it is no longer prominently used, and only 127 still exist.

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