Wee Bee Gee Jee

Wee Bee Gee Jee after he was corrupted. Note that he looks as if he was saved as a JPEG file in MS Paint. This is a result of his evilness.

Wee Bee Gee Jee (pronounced just like it's spelled) was a Fakegee who was corrupted in the sense that he thought everyone was evil; probably because when he was in the fourth grade, people kept stuffing him into a big cardboard box because he was a bit different (this actually gave birth to the term, "fitting someone into a box"). He invented the X345 Super Weapon to destroy Planet X so he could obtain the pure power trapped in its core. He succeded for a time, and was dominant over his all-powerful kingdom. But one day he got eaten alive by Griygas. The end.

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