Doctor Uigi

Doctor Uigi.

"Spahrtuh!" - Uigi

Uilliam G. Brotta is Reeohs brother, and is 1 year younger than him. To make this clear, he is not a Fakegee. He's Guiyii's cousin and he has one tooth.   

"Uigi now currently lives in his mansion surrounded by the cold harsh badlands known simply as ZoopuhWorld, a glitched virus clone of the Dinosaur world of Super Mario World, replacing the lush green landscape and its Koopa armada with ZoopuhWorld's large purple hills somehow suspended upside down in the air and Coupuhs that were stuck sad inside a wall. Graphical and musical glitches are the basic everyday equivilant of thunderstorms in ZoopuhWorld causing ear pearcing yet awe inspiring orchestral masterpieces to flow by and bring happiness to the worlds inhabbitants. Although on occasion Bowzuh may unleash one of his many game breaking glitches causing a temporary "crash" in ZoopuhWorld, allowing only he to move about and wreak havoc on everything and everyone."

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