Trollopolis Wiki's home page; notice Weegee's presence in the background

Trollopolis Wiki ( is the sister site of Greegee Wiki. Weegee and Malleo like the site, but Edsward hates it. Trollopolis Wiki is centered around different aspects of Trolling and of the Internet. Unlike most Wikis, Trollopolis allows off-topic and random edits to Wiki pages, provided that users follow three simple "Rools". This means that you can post whatever you want there, as long as it's not too stupid.

Rools of Trollopolis Wiki

ROOL #1: Don't delete other users' content. You can add to their content, and you can delete your content, however.

ROOL #2: Don't post a bunch of crap. You can post pages about whatever you want, though it should be funny instead of just stupid.

ROOL #3: Don't cuss like a sailor. Basically, don't go throwing around swear words like it's nobody's business; if you wish to do so at all, you should use censors like "s#$&".

ROOL #yomomma: I told you that there is a your mom virus going around. Am I annoying you? I don't really care what you think about it. Your never going to find me. Your all so stupid, your stupiderer than yo momma is at being fat and old. Goodbye.

Fakegees on Trollopolis Wiki

Unfortunately, the Fakegees do not have much of a presence on Trollopolis; only Malleo, Weegee, Waweegee, and Walleo have pages. Why don't you help fix this? *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

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