A toon form is a Weegee form which commonly activates when a Weegee or Fakegee dies. Toon forms are normally stronger and faster than their original forms, and in some cases they get additional powers. They can be reverted back to their normal forms when the toon form comes into contact with orichalcum. This is why Fragjer has no life, particularly no Toon Weegees or Toon Fakegees: The entire planet is composed of orichalcum.

Toon Forms

Toon Malleo

Toon Weegee

Toon Fortran

Toon Yushee

Toon Marreoh

Toon Guiyii

Toon 4tren

Teh Zoopah Toon Reeoh Brottas.

Toon Jawshii

Toon igy

Toon big kat

Toon Meegee

Toon tiguwy

Toon Sawneek

Toon Sonyc teh Hedjjhawg

Toon Seelz

Toon Reegee

Toon Greegee

Toon Gralleo

Toon Suteegee

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