The connected trio

teon telo and teoliw

The connected trio are the 3 yuigee's sons they are united in the body they use a sort of vehicle to walk their power is to attract rocks and hit people with it until they you know...DIE¡


he is the first one he is the most inteligent of the 3 ones he is very good at school and he is very organized he likes to relax and his favorite videogame is vokimon blu.


he is the second one he is very annoying his besfriend is his brother teon his favorite uncle is mafio telo likes to read comics and make movies.


he is the third one he is very serious he doesnt like his brothers he wished he was a normal yuigee not to be united with his 2 brothers he doesnt even likes to talk to them he always tries to not talk to them but then he finally does it.

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