Shadow The Hedgehog


Shadow mini Shadow is a hedgehog. He is one of Sonic's rivals. His girlfreind is Rouge.


Shadow BOO!


Shadow is a black and red hedgehog, created by Professor Gerald as the ultimate life form. He enjoys shooting things, riding motorcycles, bitching about some girl named "MARIAAAAAAAAA", running around carnivals trying to find "that d*mn fourth Chaos Emerald", sending people straight to hell, and skating with his shoes. He does not enjoy fanart of him b*ng*ng Rouge, Sonic, Knuckles, retarded fangirls, or Mudkips (sadly), and having to shoot Mudkips when someone browses for pr0n on the web. He also loves swearing, which is downright laughable coming from a black/red cartoon hedgehog with chest hair.


  • SHADOW IS AWESOME. F*CK YEAH. ~One half of the Sonic fandom.
  • KILL THAT B*ST*RD SHADOW. ~The other half.


  • Firearms
  • Katanas
  • Motorbikes
  • Torturing Sonic
  • Saying D*MN!
  • Granting wishes
  • Maria
Die hard shadow

Die Hard with a hedgehog.


  • Everything except firearms and katanas.
  • Black Doom
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Leon
  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Broken computers


  • His father is an evil alien leader.
  • His long lost evil crystal twin from 10 years ago killed Sonic, which is something Robothead could not do his whole life.
  • He keeps losing his iPod.
  • Likes kicking the white hedgehog in the head.
  • He has a severe case of paranoia.
  • Shadow can fix computers by chopping them as hard as he can. The reason why the computer doesn't break down after that is because nobody cares.

PURE EVIL versions

Shadow has a lot of PURE EVIL versions. Here's a list of 'em:

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