1. No swearing in pages, though you can in chat,
  2. No bullying, flaming, or trolling other people,
  3. You can make nosense stuff, it is the spirit of the wiki. Though, some could go deleted.
  4. Categorize all of your pages,
  5. No spamming or vandalism allowed.
  6. Use good grammar (unless you are roleplaying as a Dolan duk character) because this wiki needs to look good.
  7. No hateful comments/pages.
  8. No sex or whatever gross material.
  9. Please be active and help us! :)
  10. Don't use too many Alternative Accounts,4 are the max.
  11. You can make whatever Weegees you want, as long as they don't go against other rules.
  12. And join Greegee's Army!GRAWR!
  13. Bronies,Brogres and Anime Fans are allowed only if they don't spam about it and if the Bronies don't spam Mlp:Fim all over this wiki.

Bans And Warnings

If you don't listen to the rules, you will most likely get a warning. If you still don't listen to them, you'll get another warning. If you do them again then you will get banned for some time depending on what you did. Bans will vary on what you are in trouble for.

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