180px-Ragegee V4

Ragegee V4


Flaming Ragegee, aka his rage mode

180px-193px-Ultimate Ragegee

Ultimate Ragegee

180px-Dark Ragegee

Dark Ragegee

Ragegee is the most enraged fakegee to ever live. He was created when an enraged human got the Weegee virus, so the Weegee Clone was a "hothead." However, eventually he broke his laptop for the 9000th time. Then he got insulted, which made him break his laptop yet again. This caused all his rage to come out at once, and it altered his DNA, giving him his current appearance.==Powers== Ragegee has many powers, his most notable ones are:

Rage Blast: A blast full of pure rage, can damage or fill its target with said rage

Rage Stare: This will make a fakegee into their full rage, or their rage form if they have one.

Forms: He has a full rage mode, a dark form, and an ultimate form

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