Toon pureegee

Toon Pureegee

Pureegee is the most powerful Weegee God ever. He can create Fakegees at will and use them at his command. As one of the first Weegee Gods ever, he created Galaxeegee, the guardian of space, Chroneegee, the guardian of time, and Aagee, the controller of life and death, as well as the United 'Gees Universe itself. Pureegee then left the United 'Gees Universe and went to the core of the Trolliverse where he now resides, leaving Aagee and his brothers to watch over the United 'Gees Universe. Pureegee also has multiple forms, which suit has various purposes. He also commands an army known as the Army of Purity.

The Birth of Gladiogee

Later on after he created Aagee, Chroneegee, and Galaxeegee, Pureegee's mystery wife gave birth to Gladiogee, a demi-god. Gladiogee's mother later ran out on him and Pureegee sadly, leaving Pureegee to raise him in the ways of the warrior.