nugop the ice cream yuigee

nugop is yuigee and kuigee cousin nugop is best friend of mafio nugop can freezee you if you stare at him how did nugop born? well first weegee was staring at an iceberg then the iceberg breaks an there is nugop like alomost all yuigee's family nugop likes to kill when he freezee somebody he turns him to icecream and sell it nugop is very evil the only time he was killed its when failgee send him to the sun but somebody haved and icecube and sended it to space and nugop was alive again.

did you know?

  • nugop was the iceberg that destroyed titanic?
  • if he fires his lazor he just fires ice?
  • he is inmune to yuigee's attack?
  • he hates global warming?
  • nugop's first victim was a hamster?
  • nugop's second victim was walleo?
  • if he stares at fire his eyes turn red and he melts?
  • if you survive to nugop's stare in two years you turn into a yuigee?

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