Mario EATS these things???

Mushrooms are psychedelic plants growing on Earth. Anyone who ingests a Mushroom receives special powers. Or hallucinations. Or possibly both. Mario is an avid Mushroom user; in fact, he seems to be addicted to them.


Possible side effect of eating Mushrooms

Varieties of Mushrooms

  • Super Mushroom - The most common of the Mushroom varieties; makes user slightly larger
  • Mini Mushroom - Makes the user all teeny-tiny and cute; as a result, no Fakegee likes them
  • Spring Mushroom - Makes the user bounce around like a spring; may or may not be completely useless
  • Bee Mushroom - Bee Mushrooms give the user the ability to buzz around like a bee
  • Mega Mushroom - OH YEAH, BABY! This Mushroom makes the user super huge; Greegee turns into Mega Greegee when ingesting one of these

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