Activate Wind Blade!

Mayuwih is a strange being that lives far away in the Trolliverse,in a place named Jeliherse.He has a brother named Lugeloo .He's a member of the Armageddon Army there (Not related to the Weegee One).His worst enemy is Punilac.He has a distorted toon form,and a scary Nightmare form,which he uses during the Halloween period principally for making scary pranks.



And then we come to the nice part.He has strange powers that make him a formidable fighter.

  1. The symbol on his hat give him an huge amount of energy for fighting. (That's why he has purple eyes)
  2. His hands can act like drills,so his punches are deadly
  3. His belt,rotating,can launch wind blades.
  4. Under his shoes he has jets that allow him to fly.
  5. His special power is to distort everything,making them strange and often they became beings like him.

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