Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi.

"That's MAMA Luigi to you, Mario!"

According to the Society of Poop, Mama Luigi likes screaming and falling for hours. He oddly looks like Luigi. He was born from PURE EVIL, and brewn by law for kids in an effort to stop people for standing in no-parking zones. One day, Mama Luigi had to babysit a spoiled brat. The child escaped and got killed when he fell into a lava river. Toasty.he has a true form called mama weegee.


He likes to tell people about his title, correcting them, mothering Yoshkins, and saving the Princess. He seems to have an obsession with a "Magic Balloon" and bagels. Mama Luigi also enjoys telling twisted lies and falling onto skull rafts, which to him is medicine. One time, after being bored of Mario's repeated asks of bringing a secret weapon to school, he got mad and told Mario to "Go away, sliphead". Sometimes Mama Luigi will lie to people and tell them he's going to wring out his cap, when really he strips naked and goes streaking. This can cause bystanders to have heart troubles or even die. He has shown empathy when Yoshi died, and after that sad experience, he now has one friend: Link. He refused to shoot him, then they realized they both lost something.

Health Issues

Mama Luigi has some psychological issues, namely paranoia and a deadly fear of giant caterpillars. He will often scream "HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!" even when no caterpillars are around. To vent his anxiety, he painted a portrait called The Scream, which most people incorrectly think was painted by Edvard Munch. In fact, if you look closely at the background during a full moon on a Tuesday, you can see Yoshkins and some Wigglers.

Mamma Luigi song..

Mamma Luigi song...

Mama Luigi's Theme Song.

Youtube Poop - Mama Luigi has to defeat China

Youtube Poop - Mama Luigi has to defeat China

This is what Mama Luigi did after the demands.


Aside from having the power to correct his victim's homework, he has also proven to be a good swimmer (And can additionally summon dolphins on a whim.) and has memorized the mapping of the Mushroom Kingdom.

He also has some skills with electronics, which he used to start a company in China to make Bagel Rings. This ultimately failed, since the bagel rings gave people cancer from the thought of eating them, which caused a lawsuit.


"Mama Luigi's Infamous Wheeze."


"Mama Luigi is pure concentrated onion rings"- Xuchilbara

"That's Mama Pure Concentrated onion rings to you, SuperNerd!" Mama Luigi

"Like they say in Brooklyn, early to bed, early to catch the worm. Or is it the bagel?" Mama Luigi

"I fell for HOURS!" Mama Luigi

"Nothing below but boiling lava! Good thing I found a magic balloon!" Mama Luigi