These are the Minions of MS Paint Man

Poorly Drawn Stickman

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This is one of the main troops of MS Paint Man, they usually just punch stuff.


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The other main troop of MS Paint Man, these grab you and don't let go unless you kill them.


The Grut


The Grut is a strange minion, they are green and have strange picer-like arms. Have a similiar job to the Squiggle.

Nicely Drawn Stickman

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Not as common as the Poorly drawn stickman, these walk around grabbing stuff and use them as weapons.

Nicely Drawn Grickman

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The Nicely Drawn Grickman is a strange one, it came to existance when a Nicely Drawn Stickman fell into some FFR


The Flooseh is absolutely crazy. It's as if a cat spat up a hairball and then someone edited in MS Paint. It is a wierd shape surrounded by small multicoloured balls. It captures the victim and absorbs them, thus making itself bigger.


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Martians where the main troop in the Martian Battle.

MS Fakegee

MS Fakegee is basically a very simple fakegee, when it stares at something it turns into another MS Fakegee.


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