Lill' Rawb

His Regular form.

Lill Rawb is the Fakegee version of Lil Rob from Wild Grinders. He has a father named Lortil Froberan and a sister named Dehnese. He has a friend who hates the Weegeerus, Ja-Ja, as Ja-Ja's mother was infected and then turned into a wooden shed. Spietbal is another friend, as he arranges parties alongside Rawb, along with groupies Fleps, Ewmo, Gogels. He has an evil dog named Meawty, who is actually the reincarnation of Griygas. He has an E tattooed on his tongue which stands for evil and has F on the sole of his right shoe which stands for either Fakegee, referring to his species, or Fakeegee, who was his master before Suteegee killed him, Lill Rawb fought in the war, killing three soldiers. He has no cats, as he is Ailurophobic (He is afraid of cats. Like, EVERY species of cat.).

Lill Rawb

His Toon Form

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