Lalleo's ConLang (Also known as LCL) is one of the 5 million languages Lalleo (such as his Chinese dialect) speaks. There are 5000 people who fluently speak LCL.


The alphabet has 22 letters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPRSTUVY

And 10 accents: ÁÀÈÉÍÌÓÒÚÙ

There are many vowel multigraphs: ai [aj], ao [au], au [aw], ea [e], ei [ei], eo [eu], eu [ew], ie [i:], oa [ou], oe [oi], oi [oj], ou [au], ua [wa], ui [y], uo [u:], aie [aj:], aou [a:u], aui [ay], eai [ej], eao [e:u], eau [e:w], eie [ei:], iea [i:a], iei [i:e], oai [ouj], oau [ou:], oea [oi:], oei [o:i], oeo [oi:u], oeu [oiu], oie [oje], oui [ouj], ouo [ou:], uai [wai], uau [waw], uoi [u:i], aieu [ajew], auai [awaj], eaui [e:wy], ieie [I:], oeie [o:i:], uoie [y:i], aieuo [ajeu:], eauie [e:wy:], ieieu [iw], oeieu [o:i:y], eauieu [e:wy:w], oeieuo [oi:u:]

There are some "hakhe konstan-inte": ch [x], dh [ð], gh [ɣ], jh [dʒ], kh [χ], lh [ʎ], nh [ɲ], ph [pʰ], rh [rʰ], sh [ʃ], th [θ], yh [j:]


See /Orthography instead.

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  • Á = æ
  • À = ɐ
  • È = ɛ
  • É = ə
  • Í = ɨ
  • Ì = ɪ
  • Ó = ɔ
  • Ò = ø
  • Ú = y
  • Ù = ɯ

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