Lalleo's calendar

Cover art for Lalleo's Calendar.

Lalleo's Calendar is Lalleo's calendar.

The name is "Dozemeses", a Portguese translation of "twelve months".


  • 0-100: Lalleo creates the Universe (Cakrwal)
  • 101-243: The number of planets bops from 102 to 15,181,223, and the population fasts from 30,000 to 5,000,000,000
  • 244-624: Creation of Simpson Radiation and Simpsons, Spongebob Radiation and Spongebobs
  • 624-1134: 20,000,000 wars begin, population reaches 100,000,000,000,000
  • 1135-1457: 1 trillion planet mark broken
  • 1458-4313: Destruction of Learth, 1 quadrillion planets
  • 4314-16314: 1 quintrillion planets
  • 16315-Infinity: Cakrwal explodes


  1. Prvi (Croatian "first one")
  2. Doi (Vietnamese "double")
  3. Telipulai (Chinese "triplet")
  4. Nelinkertaistunut (Finnish "quadrupled in")
  5. Haniw (Thai "five fingers")
  6. Shida (Hausa "sixth")
  7. Sedemmesetsa (Bulgarian "seven month")
  8. Anyolcadik (Hungarian "the eighth")
  9. Neljanjaviiden (Finnish "four and five")
  10. Shuangwu (Chinese "double five")
  11. Aildiwethaf (Welsh "second last")
  12. Fundi (Albanian "the end")


Every month has 40 days, so one year is 480 days

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