Griygas Dying
Griygas is a Greature who has over a million faces. He can teleport people to his dimension to kill them and maybe even eat them. He was once different and called Griegue, but then his mind was destroyed by his EVIL. When the universe was destroyed by Greegee, he was destroyed along with it being known as the only Greature not to survive the blast of X∞.

People Destroyed And/Or Eaten By Griygas

Corrupted Griygas

When Griygas was damaged by the blast of X∞, he became corrupted, all the dark around him turned blue, and his "body" turned orange. He started fading in and out of his dimension and eventually was thrown into the Greegee Universe, but there, he was destroyed by the radiation around him as he was suffocate outside his dimension.

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