The Greegee Zoo is a zoo in Mickurey Mouse. It was built in 6, and opened in 9.

This map shows about 1/1057067760th of the zoo

The animals were found by 3.14 billion volunteers, and 3.13 billion volunteers were eaten when trying to find animals. About 639,942,413,856 people enter the zoo every second, which means the gate is the size of 500 Empire State Buildings layed sideways. Because of so many people, there are stop lights and Michigan Lefts[1] scattered around the zoo.


The Greegee Zoo has 934,739,682,616,104,538,365,837,462,935 total animals, 5,742,841,955,283,500 species, and 476,935,217,540 types of animals from all across the universe. The zoo has to ship over half the animals to Sand Iego for the winter because when they have to clean the zoo up, half the animals are allergic to the cleaning liquid the zoo uses.

It has animals that are extinct across the galaxy including the Dranquilis, a special formula is used in the food of some animals which stop them evolving, so they can have a certian animal in all it's stages of evolution.

Sometimes, animals escape. Because it's hard to host 934,739,682,616,104,538,365,837,462,935 animals, this can lead to tourists being eaten.

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