Greegee's time began when a Weegee clone was born until he did go in the wastes of the Malleo Fire Flower Factory,becoming Greegee.He has a brother named Gralleo and as adopted by a Weegee clone. He escaped from him and found his brother but he was infected making him a Greature. Then his father and his fathers brother were infected. Almost everything was infected and Greegee stared a new life.He was born during the Fakegee War.Since he is the first Greature,he is almost strong as Weegee.

Toon Greegee 2.0

Toon Greegee.

He married Greach and Graizeh,strangely he married two women. Their asistants are the Grodes to help save the princess from Growser.He is 5th in the awesomest fakeegees classification,and 1st on the awesomest greatures classification.


Greegee Front

Doodle greegee

what happens when greegee discovers ms paint (by sueproeegee)

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