Gelexeegee II

Gelexeegee II

Un Ded decided to revive Gelexeegee with new revival technology that they had recently invented. From now on, revivements wouldn't be cyborgs but actually supercharged fully alive beings. It was a success, and Gelexeegee II was created. He is now even more powerful than his father Galaxeegee, making him the second strongest Fakegee ever. He has an aura of invincibility, and only Pureegee can defeat him. He rejoined Al Qaeegee, and once again attracted Galaxeegee's attention. This time, Gelexeegee decided to kill Galaxeegee, however Galaxeegee escaped. Now Pureegee himself decided to show up, and he finished off Gelexeegee and all of Al Qaeegee and Un Ded. Later however, they were all revived by Reviveegee, who stumbled upon them by accident. They were back to normal, though Gelexeegee wasn't revived.

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