Super Fortran 64

Super Mawio 65

These games are ranked Quite Good or Brilliant

Mawio Bruddahs


Shupa Gralleo Bruddas

Programs (The Videogame)

MS Paint (The Videogame)

Ultimate Questions

Ultimate Questions


Vokimon Blu

Vokimon Guld

Vokimon Ruubee

Vokimon Dimarnnd


Peegee World

Peegee VS The Dranquilis


Codename A.P.P.L.E.

These games are Bad or Just Plain Suck

Eeegee Series

Super Eeegee Brothers

Super Eeegee Brothers 2

Super Eeegee World   

Spammer Series

LOL Teh Game

N00B Teh Game

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