Galaxeegee is a godly Weegee that controls space. He lives in the right sun of the United 'Gees Universe, while his "brother" Chroneegee lives in the left one. Both Galaxeegee and Chroneegee were created by Pureegee, the ultimate Weegee. Galaxeegee and Chroneegee are tied for the second most powerful Weegee. Despite controling space, Galaxeegee did not create the United 'Gees Universe or the Trolliverse, he just maintains them. Galaxeegee did however, advance the United 'Gees Universe.He has a son,Gelexeegee.


Galaxeegee was created a long time ago by Pureegee along with Chroneegee. They together formed the United 'Gees Universe. Then Galaxeegee formed the different planets on the United 'Gees Universe. Then him and Chroneegee occupied the two suns while Pureegee made some Fakegees and then left to the Trolliverse Isles.


  • Galaxy Creation
  • Turn Into Forms (Not as much Pureegee)
  • Maintaining of Universes
  • Using one of his seven Spectrabeams.