Fweegee's Agents are Fakegees which worked for Fweegee. There were 12 altogether. There used to be 13, but Weegee quit. It has since expanded, with more then 12 members. The lower ranking ones are restricted to the basic uniform shown in Fweegee's picture, but higher ranking ones are not.

List of Agents

  1. Agent Smiff
  2. Agent Bowb
  3. Agent Berk
  4. Agent Fluzzle
  5. Agent Hutyamp
  6. Agent Eeg
  7. Agent Flabuzzle
  8. Agent Crengo
  9. Agent U
  10. Agent Crengalo
  11. Agent OPU
  12. Agent Axis
  13. Weegee (formerly)
  14. Many Others

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