Fakelodeon (Otherwise known as, The Fakelodeon Fad.) is a Fakegee TV channel.


  • SpungeBawb SkwarPawntz
  • Your on Fakelodeon, Chawrlee Brun!
  • Dehnee Fehntawm
  • Der Pherlee Awd Perints
  • Jimeh Newtrawn
  • Pleneet Shene
  • Sawnjay and Crayg
  • iKawrlee
  • RoogRahts
  • Hey, Awrnuld!
  • Drayk and Jawsh
  • Buhket and Skeenur
  • Wendul and Veenie
  • Nehd's Declassified School Survival Guide
  • Chawlk Zohn
  • As Told By Jeenjur
  • Awl Grohn Uhp
  • Eenvadur Zeem
  • Theh Nanneh
  • Rawcks Mohdehrn Lief
  • Feegure et Awt
  • Theh Penqeehns of Mawdahgasgawr
  • Theh Fairleh Awd Pawrehntz

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