Egogee is on EgoGee's blog. But I will explain myself now

EgoGee is a Fakegee who has plenty of powers. His quest is to 1)Destroy Hypneegee and 2) To prevent SanicGee from ever coming back. His powers include teleportation, using energy balls, and spreading the weegee virus. He also plans on defeating all of Al Qaeegee. He is hard to control at times and sometimes his powers go berserk. It is best to have something to use as a shield while you are around him. He plans on joining the Krusty Krab army and is in A.A.Q.W.F.He's the son of Veegee (2nd) and is egotistical, if you can't read his name. He is so egotistical, other fakegees make joking comparisons to Kanye West, though he has no idea who Kanye is.

Race: Fakegees


Age: Unknown

Power: Over 9,000

Home: Egoverse, United 'Gees Universe

Well, there it is!