A fake!

Toon Daoveegee

Toon Daoveegee

Daoveegee is a fakegee who pretends to be Weegee to the point where Weegee hates him. His brother is Daovalleo and his father & uncle are Daovran and Daoviicho. He has no powers apart from turning clones into Daov impersonators of there original selves but it only works on clones and nothing else. Cloneegee managed to clone him but Daoveegee broke the clone by Daovitizing him thus turning him into Daoveedaovee.

Differences between Weegee

  • His overalls are a darker blue
  • He cannot make clones but can convert fakegee clones into Daov versions such as Wadaoveegee,Waovalleo,Graoveegee and Daovuiyii.
  • Most of his family are just genetic clones of existing weegees and fakegees who have been daovitized.

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