Weak Crengalon

This is Crengalon's weak form.

Push A To Poor!- Crengalon

Crengalon is a Weegee clone. He seems to be a pyromaniac, and he is the supposebly OTHER cousin of Fortran And Ragamiicho, so that means they have 6 cousins , Senuigi, Kinat, Boracuubi, and  Garbon. Crengalon has no eyesockets, which is quite weird. Crengalon has ooze coming from his mouth. Which is also weird.

Toon Crengalon, Crengalon Now.

This is Crengalons Powered up, Toon Form.

The picture on the left is Crengalons weak form, while the one on the right is his Toon Form, His stronger form. His first power is for his fingers on his spiked hands, which will shoot out spiked rockets and stick into people. On his palm he has a button which can detonate them to create GIANT explosions. And for his other power, He takes off his nose, (Which is secretly a Super Grenade) and puts it in his hand. A new nose grows back immediantly. When the grenade explodes it will, too, make giant explosions. And for his last power, "Push A To Poor", He hits a brown block, which throws so much money, gold, jewels and more, at the enemy, that they go crazy. But it has a catch, the money EXPLODES, leaving lots of dead people. He seems to be a good friend to 4Tren, So 4Tren let him try mix a bit of his DNA with Crengalons DNA, thus creating 9Galon. Crengalon is now old, and has to be in a wheelchair, due to broken legs. He also was involved in The Fakegee War, and he was on Weegee's Side. His brother was Hagrad
Crengalon at War Against Fakegees

Crengalon Killing a Fakegee.

. He was now replaced by Boracuubi.

On the right you can see him shooting his spiked missles into a Fakegee, killing it instantly.

What he did

  • Killed lots of Fakegees in the War.
  • Survived being beat up by Fortran.
  • Robbed lots of banks and got rich.
  • Made experiments.
  • Broke his legs when he failed to make something explode.