"Push start to chi" Aborono is the Fortran Goku and uncle of Gowkew and cousin of Gok and Radit. His rival is Defortoyu his brother and his son is Axtoro and Atero. Whenever he says Push start to chi he will release a powerful money chi blast. His wife is Kiokio and his grand daughter is Rahlow. His grandfather is Granpa Axtoro were Axtoro got his name and his dad is Garecho. Kiokios wife who is Aboronos father in law is the Lerox Lord. He is friends with Engine 18 (Android 180,Jovern (Krillin),Tuio (Uub),Engine 160 (Android 16),Halo (Bulma), Logechow (Vegata),Quantzo (Chaotzo),Yionop (Tien),Gikorleq (Picolo),Master Janjanlow (Roshi) and his enemies are Engine 170 (Android 17 ),Dr. Ukio (Gero),Kijinioj (Frieza),Adim (Cell), Lord Dexor (King Cold),Dioxk (Cooler) and Nebio (Baby). When he fuses with Gowkew and Gok, he will create a Malltranari version of Goku called Gowbornok.

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